Our Story

Karen GrahamI’m Karen Graham, a registered dietitian and former chef. I created my vegan GoBe Bites out of necessity. I have an egg and dairy intolerance. Trying to find a protein bar that is vegan (no dairy/no egg), has more protein than carbs and no junky soy was impossible in the current market. Most protein bars are no different than a candy bar just dressed up to look like a protein bar or they taste like chalk. There was one bar that existed and was available online only. It met the nutritional criteria I was looking for but the taste was not desirable. In fact, I developed an aversion to the taste of the bars. They all had the same protein powder taste/flavor that I can no longer tolerate. My last experience with those bars; I bit into it and spit it right out. I was then on a quest to develop my own. As a registered dietitian and former chef I have the skills in the kitchen and the nutrition know-how to create such a product. Two years after spitting out that other bar and working like a mad scientist in my kitchen, I finally found the perfect combination of;

  • Yumminess- no protein powder taste.
  • More protein than net carbs- this was the hardest part.
  • Vegan- no dairy or egg and animal friendly.
  • 100% organic/GMO free.
  • No artificial anything.
  • And it just happens to be raw, gluten free and soy free.

As it turns out many of my nutrition clients were in the same boat due to their food sensitivities and their need for a protein snack/bar. As my clients started to tell me about their dilemma, I was sympathetic to their problem and I started handing out samples of my creation. Instead of them asking for my recipe, which is what I expected, they asked if they could buy them and they wanted to buy them by the dozen. Then my clients were ordering 3 and 4 dozen of each flavor at a time and freezing them. That is when I knew I had something really special and I wanted to share it with others that were in our same situation, so I created GoBe Organics.

I hope you enjoy everything GoBe Organics has to offer!

~ Go organic Be healthy ~