So, I tried GoBe Bites this weekend on my hike and boy was I surprised! Not only did they taste great (I took the vanilla ones with me) I could even read and understand the ingredient list. Wouldn’t you know, everything in them was recognizable and good for me – Holy Cow! Where have these things been!!! The little balls of goodness are made with all raw ingredients that are organic, vegan, and gluten free. Because they have a balance between the carbs and protein/fiber they fill me up and don’t make me hungry in an hour. The vanilla ones offered a nice bite of coconut on the outside with the comforting smell and taste of real vanilla on the inside. No chemistry lab vanilla like substance – real vanilla. I ordered the chocolate and peanut ones when I got home – can’t wait to see if they taste as amazing at the vanilla ones.

- Jerry Schumacher

All I can say is thank goodness for GoBe Bites! I have been experiencing a variety of food sensitivities and have become very limited to what I can eat. Everytime I eat them, I feel like I’m having a special treat. GoBe’s have added so much to my limited diet. And to know that not only are they made from organic, whole ingredients, but they’re also a really healthy, protein-rich snack alternative, it really gives me peace of mind.

- Susan Kricun

I really like GoBe Bites. They are my go to snack for they satisfy my sweet cravings as well as being gluten and dairy free. All the flavors are delicious but if I had to choose, I would say vanilla was my favorite. As my snack of choice, you can’t go wrong having them.

- Joanne R.

Yum! I love GoBe Bites slightly sweet, slightly salty taste and crunchy outer “shell.” They are filling, delicious, easy to grab-and-go and keep my body fueled with the energy it needs to get through the day.

- Jennifer – Tempe, AZ

I pretty much live on my GoBe Bites. I love the flavor, Its just the right amount that you can taste each ingredient but it is not overwhelming. Just two GoBe bites are a great snack during the day, for breakfast or after the gym. I have no guilty feelings eating them because I know they are made with wholesome, organic ingredients without a bunch of unnecessary fillers. I recommend them to all of my friends, and they are a staple in my diet!

- Jen Chapman