Meet Our Farmers

I love to support local business and especially farmers. Farmers are special people that are connected to the earth in a way that the rest of us will never experience. I envy what they do. I feel it is important celebrate and acknowledge them so I will post information about the farmers that I source my ingredients from as well as provide updates on this page.


Manzanita Manor Organics Walnuts - Jutta and CynthiaWalnuts don’t grow in Arizona but they do in Paso Robles, California, so we partnered with the women from Manzanita Manor Organics. Cynthia and Jutta have owned and operated their farm since 1992. Their heirloom walnut varieties are cultivated using dry farmed techniques and only certified organic approved methods of production. The result is an unsurpassed creamy, rich flavor of the raw walnuts. Visit their website here
Manzanita Manor Organics Walnuts - Jutta


Dates do grow in Arizona and they are delicious!
GoBe Organics sources our organic dates from McClendon’s, a family run, certified organic farm located in Peoria, Arizona. Three generations of the McClendon family grow over 100 varieties of organic fruits and vegetables, along with dates, honey and bee pollen.
McClendon's Select Organic Farm - Dates