Why do you use rice protein and sacha inchi protein?
We wanted to use a vegan protein source. Pea protein is not a good option for people with IBS as it can cause a lot of gas and bloating. We wanted to use rice for its high protein content but we were also concerned about heavy metals so we searched and searched until we found a clean source. Our protein powder has been tested and meets the standard levels set by;

  • The World Health Organization (WHO)
  • CA prop 65 Safe Harbor Levels
  • US FDA
  • European Union
  • Canadian Natural Health Products Directorate

We also like sacha inchi for its high levels of omega 3, 6 & 9 in addition to its protein.

Why don’t you make the GoBe bites into a bar?
When we were testing our GoBe bites we made bars and bites size balls. People loved the bite sized portions. Not everyone wants a full size bar. Sometimes a bite or two is just enough.

How should the GoBe bites be stored?
GoBe bites are meant to be stored at room temperature but some people like them cold.

Why don’t you have organic or gluten-free certifications on your product?
All of our ingredients are organic and gluten free. We produce them in a gluten free commercial kitchen but the certification cost is a very big expense for a small company like ours. We are planning on getting the certification soon.

What is considered a serving size?
Many of our customers will eat 1 or 2 for a snack and 3 for breakfast. They are quite filling.

Can the GoBe bites be used as a meal replacement?
They certainly can replace one meal a day. They contain a good variation of nutrients and they are made of ‘real’ food but we recommend a varied diet.

Why do you use stevia as a sweetener?
Organic stevia is in our protein powder. We chose stevia as the sweetener for the protein powder because it has a good track record. It has been used as a sweetener for centuries in Paraguay. It is not an artificial sweetener it comes from the stevia plant (you can grow it in your backyard). It does not cause a spike in blood sugar.

Are the GoBe bites made in a dedicated gluten free facility?

Are the GoBe bites FODMAP friendly?
GoBe bites contain dates. Dates contain oligos. If your dietitian has determined that you are sensitive to oligos then you would be limited to one GoBe bite per day. Each GoBe bite contains about 1/2 of a date. There is no FODMAP information for sacha inchi protein powder so at this point we don’t know if sacha inchi is FODMAP friendly. Sacha inchi is a seed and most seeds are FODMAP friendly. You can always do a challenge to see if they work for you. We will update this question when there is more information available.